Kaka Point visit

By March 6, 2014News

Trustees  Noel Waite, Suze Keith, Matt Shircliffe, Butch Riechelmann and Rob Tuwhare will visit Kaka Point from 14-16 March. They will be joined by Trust manager Chris McBride. The visit will allow time to check on the grounds and the crib and check for any small issues that may need attending to. Mitre 10s Stan Scott will also be with the team and will advise (along with Rob) on any minor fixes required to the crib prior to the eventual restoration programme. The Trustees will also have a public meeting on Sunday morning – details below. The following week, conservation architect Graeme Burgess will be down to make an assessment of the crib in preparation for developing a conservation plan. This plan will assist the trust in establishing further funding for the full restoration and residency project.